St Mary's Pre-school is a small, friendly and caring Pre-school.  It is housed in the original St Mary's Infants School, built in 1939 and has been operating as a Pre-school since 1991, thus continuing to nurture young children as they commence their educational journey through life.  The name “St Mary’s North Tamworth Pre-school” reflects the history of the site and our geographical location.

The Pre-school began operating 2 days per week with a Licensed number of 20 children per day. The Pre-school was born form the needs of local families to access a pre-school in the northern developing areas of Tamworth. Through the years, and as a result of the continuing northern urban development, the Pre-school has grown in numbers from 20, to 25, to 27, to our present Licensed number of 39 children per day.


The Preschool is administered by a Management Committee of delegates consisting of both parents and interested members of the community.  Those on the committee are elected annually.  All parents are invited to join the committee as this is one way for you to provide feedback, have input and become involved in the running of the Preschool.  All parents are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting.

The Committee consists of an Executive Commitee - President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer; and a General Committee. The Committee also liaises with St. Nicholas Parish (who own the preschool building) and the Preschool maintains open channels of communication with the Parish.

Although the Preschool receives a Government subsidy, the Preschool operates as a ‘not for profit organisation’.